Extreme Sea Glassing

So, about a month ago I moved to Virginia Beach from the Washington DC area. My lack of friends in the area has led me to discovering some new hobbies. Typically when I find a new hobby, I become obsessed with it for a few weeks, then the excitement dies off and I forgot that it was even one of my hobbies in the first place. Now that I’m in the obsession stage of this particular hobby, I figure it’s worth writing about before I find something else to occupy my time.

Anyways, my new hobby is beach combing. That’s the technical term I think. Basically, it’s looking for treasures along the beach. I’m not interested in shells and driftwood, I enjoy finding pieces of sea glass. There’s something exciting about finding a frosted chunk of glass lying on the beach. My imagination leads me to believe that I’ve found pieces of a ship wreck that have been tumbling around in the waves for hundreds of years. In actuality, I’m probably finding pieces of broken beer bottles that the ocean swallowed up, but what’s the fun in that?

So yesterday, I was crawling along the ocean front, digging through piles of broken shells and picking out a surprising amount of sea glass. Disclaimer: Looking for sea glass isn’t all that fun, you’re bent over, staring at the sand, sun beating down on you, neck cramping up, trying to spot something out-of-place. But when you find a piece, you feel like you’ve won the lottery. Well, that’s how I feel at least. After finding a handful of pieces, I decided to turn back and walk through the water to cool down. (It’s early spring so the water is still freezing.) As I’m dipping my toes in the ocean, I spot a piece of green glass tumbling around in the waves. After the glass tumbles around ten or so times, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get ahold of it. This is where I wanted to prove myself wrong. I sacrificed my body to the ocean, fully clothed, and jumped into the freezing waters to reach that piece of glass…and I got it! My best piece of the day, a beautiful frosted green triangle treasure, and definitely not a broken Rolling Rock bottle.


This is my new and exciting hobby: Extreme seaglassing. I was hoping I made this new sport up, but after a quick Instagram hashtag search, I found fellow extreme seaglassers. This takes the boring old beach combing to an exciting new level. Jumping through waves and braving the elements to yield sea glass treasures. I’ve now become fully obsessed. I’ve searched the web high and low to find the best places to find sea glass and the best time to go out. I’m following other sea glass lovers on Instagram and becoming jealous of their hauls (and tracking their location so I can go out and get my own in their lucky spots). I’m learning the rarity of different colors and types and there actually are some pieces out there that are literally treasures.

As long as I keep finding sea glass, this hobby will stick with me. Wish me luck out here as I brave the ocean waters to find more of these colorful, frosty treasures! Follow me on Instagram to see more of my seaglass finds: Click Here for my Instagram, @kailarepz



Can you spot the sea glass?



One thought on “Extreme Sea Glassing

  1. E-Gusta says:

    Love this! There is something that feels very spiritual about seaglass, and I too always feel like I have found a jewel and a gift.

    Extreme seaglassing though- now THAT I have to check out!

    Liked by 1 person

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