My First Post

Guys, I’ve never thought I was computer illiterate until I tried to make a WordPress blog. Five hours of foolin’ around with the settings and here we are, my first post! I’ve had a few blogs in the past, totally unsuccessful. First was kbeatz. Basically I searched high and low to provide my followers with club bangers to add to their playlists. I’m sure all 18 of my followers enjoyed my three posts. Next was my post card blog, Miss Write. I had big ideas for this one. I’d blog about cool postcards I’d get in the mail as part of my membership. Well zero posts and zero followers later, that was also a fail.

This brings me to Trips, Tips, and Quips. I wanted my blog to be about all the things I love: travelling, beauty products, postcards, binge worthy shows, fish tacos, memes, seashells…I could keep going, but I’ll spare you. I came up with Trips and Tips and then decided to do a little “What rhymes with trips” search on google. Somewhere along the list I found quips, and I knew it was perfect. I want my posts to be informative and entertaining. I hope my little quips provide you with that entertaining factor.

I’m excited to start this blogging journey, now I must go find some followers.

Happy Reading!


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